The State of the Airport

The Allegheny County Airport Authority Vice President of Government and Community Affairs, Vince Gastgeb, delivers the State of the Airport to Skål Pittsburgh Tuesday night at the Sheraton Pittsburgh Airport.  

Over the past two years, Pittsburgh International Airport has gained momentum, really turning the corner, and leaving behind the declines of the past to become a thriving O&D facility that reflects our revitalized region. The Airport Authority is creating “Pittsburgh’s airport”, which mirrors and inspires regional growth and prosperity. Pittsburgh’s economy, new business opportunities, technology, research and development and new ideas are being recognized globally. 

ATW Awards PIT “Airport of the Year”

Four years ago Air Transport World, a popular trade publication among airline executives started awarding “Airport of the Year”.  Pittsburgh International Airport is the first U.S. airport to ever be named—previous winners include Singapore, London Heathrow, and Hong Kong.  The airport has also been recognized nationally and internationally for its efforts. 

ATW was impressed by:
  • 80% increase in air service over the past 2 years

  • From 37 to 68 nonstop destinations and 8 new airlines

  • Growth in passenger traffic

  • More than 2% last year, 4% through March this year, and climbing

  • Ongoing customer service improvements that better meet the needs of today’s travelers

  • Customer satisfaction scores have improved

  • For the first time since 2004, the airport will offer three nonstop transatlantic flights this summer on three different carriers –

  • Wow to Reykjavik

  • Condor to Frankfurt

  • Delta to Paris

No Longer a Hub

The airport is not new, and is actually celebrating its 25th anniversary in October. The airport is too big for the 8.3 million passengers it serves annually and will still be too big for its expected 12-15 million by 2030. The airport was originally designed as a hub for connecting traffic and not for the technology demands of today. Pittsburgh International Airport has successfully transitioned to a growing O&D facility with a diversity of airlines. </